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How to use recipes with a struggling reader  [Ep 60] 

Help Struggling Readers by using recipes  

Navigating the Challenges: Practical Approaches to Help Struggling Readers

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In today’s episode, we will discuss how to use recipes with a struggling reader. If you listened to our previous episode, episode 58, you already know how helpful it can be for a struggling reader. But perhaps you are here today because you want some tips on how to help your child with recipes. That’s great! Whether your child is a struggling reader or you simply want to find new ways to engage them with reading, using recipes can make the process more purposeful and enjoyable.

In this episode about helping children who are struggling with learning to read by using recipes, you will learn:

Bringing Purpose and Inspiration to Reading:

One of the great things about using recipes with struggling readers is that it gives reading a purpose and provides inspiration. As adults supporting children’s reading, we often strive to show them the importance of reading. However, finding the time and space to sit down and read a book can be challenging in a busy family life. Using recipes offers an authentic and natural way of incorporating reading into daily activities. By following a recipe together, children understand that reading is necessary to achieve a desired outcome. It’s wonderful to see their eyes light up as they realize that reading is happening right in front of their eyes.

Relieving the Pressure:

For struggling readers, books might be intimidating or unappealing. However, using recipes can create a shared experience that removes the pressure solely from reading. When exploring recipes, children can focus on other skills alongside reading, such as measuring ingredients or following cooking instructions. This multi-dimensional approach allows them to engage with reading while also developing other essential skills in the kitchen.

Building Confidence:

Above all, when working with struggling readers, building confidence is crucial. It may mean stepping back and starting with simpler recipes to ensure success. As they gain confidence, children become more open to exploring new reading challenges. Striking the right balance between easy and challenging tasks is essential. By supporting their progress and celebrating their achievements, you can help them develop a positive attitude towards reading.

Decluttering the Learning Process:

When using recipes with struggling readers, it’s important to consider the environment and presentation. Creating a consistent setup and following a predictable pattern can reduce distractions and confusion. Having all the ingredients and equipment ready before you start ensures that children can focus on the reading and comprehension aspects without being overwhelmed by changes in routines.

Allowing Processing Time:

In our fast-paced world, we often feel the need to shower children with information and skills all at once. However, providing them with processing time is equally important. Allowing them to reflect on what they have learned and giving them space to apply their newfound knowledge in their own time enhances their learning experience. This is particularly true when working with recipes, as it allows children to process the reading and apply it to a concrete task.

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