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Is your child’s brain power overloaded?  [Ep 55] 

How can we help our children have optimum cognitive load to best use their brain power for learning 

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In this episode, we explore the fascinating topic of cognitive load and how it affects your child’s brain power. Discover the delicate balance between maximising cognitive capacity and avoiding overload. I’ll also share valuable insights on supporting optimal learning, especially when it comes to reading and following recipes. I share how you can boost your child’s brain power and navigate the intricate world of cognitive load.

In this episode about brain power and cognitive load, you will learn:

  • Give time for reviewing previous learning, 
  • Using routines and hooks to add new learning in small chunks, 
  • Managing the excitement around new learning to prevent overload, and tracking progress through the learning journey.
  • Learning happens in small, sometimes unnoticeable increments
  • Setting appropriate expectations for children’s learning progress.

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