I thought that when my daughter was learning to read we would be snuggled up under a blanket and reading books would be easy. Being a primary teacher for 5 years and a reading tutor for 2 years, I knew what we needed to do. So it hit me hard when my daughter said reading leveled books was boring and she avoided trying to read them.

Was I putting too much pressure on this? Was I worrying too much I was not doing enough? I want my children to be confident readers as it can open so many doors for their overall education.

I wanted it to be like when we would go into the kitchen and start making things together. Sure, there was flour that had missed the bowl and I had said for the hundredth time not to lick her fingers. But there was always progress (or at least something to eat at the end of it!)

I have been learning so much about how different the parent-child learning relationship is from a teacher-child learning relationship.

We started working on ways to get reading into everyday experiences and I remembered I used to create visual recipe cards when I was in the classroom. I tried them out with my daughter and they were a hit!

This was the starting point for the read-to-cook method!

I want to empower families to support reading and learning at home – around family life

I help those who are supporting early readers go from confused, frustrated, and disheartened to confident cheerleaders who create progress in their child’s reading journey.

A primary school teacher from Worcester, UK turned Online Educator. I started tutoring reading online in 2019 and have helped children from all over the world with the early reading journey.

After guiding many children who were struggling with reading online as a reading tutor, I have become immersed in creating ways for learners to be supported way beyond reading sessions.I am on a mission to help children stuck in the early stages of reading by helping empower those who are helping them out at home.


I believe that anyone who is willing to support their child with reading should have the tools to make it happen.

The kitchen is a haven for learning and reading can flourish there

Cooking can be accessed by beginner readers. The learning that can happen in just one-afternoon baking or cooking is magical. Also not to mention efficient ticking reading off and a whole host of other skills at once.

Learning can fit around family life. Parents can feel successful that they have helped their child learn to read and also been able to share happy memories in the kitchen.

I am a busy mum who wants to make memories with learning not battles

One day soon my daughter will pick up a book and be able to read to herself. And not long after that, she will be able to cook by herself! (Well, she can already do toast!!)

I will feel at peace that she will be able to read like her friends and she will be proud that she can read words, sentences, and one-day novels. As parents, we feel confident we are doing enough for her.

The excitement on her face when she reads a word is heartwarming. When she takes that even further and we are able to create something in the kitchen because of her reading we are both smiling.

Here is a sneak peek at how we have been able to make learning to read easy and delicious. Included in my free starter kit is a guide for the most commonly asked questions by parents about helping their child learn to read AND 2 free read-to-cook visual recipes for beginner readers.>>>> Grab your copy here!

Sarah Travers MEd, PGDipEd (PGCE Advanced), BA (Hons)

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