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Going at their own pace…slowing down to REALLY support your child’s learning

Learning at their own pace to get them really learning about the world

Going at their own pace in learning and embracing the idea that everything happens at its own pace is important to remember for our children.

My guest, Laura Swain from Learn with Laura Swain, shares her insights on how parents often worry about their child falling behind in learning and how this fear of inadequacy can be detrimental. She emphasizes the importance of slowing down and living intentionally with children to create meaningful learning experiences.

In this episode, we encourage you to redirect your focus from comparison to valuing the present moments with your children.

In this episode about encouraging us to slow down and help our little ones learn at their own pace, you will learn:

  • Embracing Unhurried Moments: Discover the value of slowing down and living intentionally with your children, fostering a sense of peace and wonder in everyday activities.
  • Shifting from Comparison to Connection: Shift your focus from constant comparison to meaningful connection with your children, finding joy in the present moment, and letting go of the pressure to keep up with others.
  • Recognizing Changing Seasons: Understand that parenting and learning experiences change over time, allowing you to let go of perfectionism and embrace the unique needs of each season in your family’s life.
  • Empowering Children’s Learning: Recognize that children are born learners and support their education by observing their interests, creating space for teachable moments, and cultivating patience throughout their developmental journey.
  • Deschooling and Reorienting Success: Explore the concept of deschooling, which encourages redefining success beyond academic milestones, and consider strategies to prioritize connection, exploration, and learning at your own pace within your family.

More about Laura

Laura Swain believes your kids are born learners…and that living out this conviction will change everything about the way you homeschool. Public school teacher turned homeschooling mom of four, Laura has seen firsthand how much our kiddos can teach us about how valuable it is to move slowly. She leads homeschool moms toward slowness in her membership With Community where the group’s mantra is “Do less with confidence.”

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