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Could this simple yet powerful approach to storytelling transform learning to write? [Ep 54]

Oral storytelling

How can we be using oral storytelling with early writers? 

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In this episode, Laura Shea from “Little Stories That Stick” shares her insights into the world of oral storytelling and its profound impact on early literacy development. The conversation explores how children naturally engage in storytelling as a means to make sense of the world around them. Laura, a former public school kindergarten teacher, delves into the power of oral storytelling to gain insight into children’s lives, interests, and culture. She emphasizes that stories are how children play, offering key takeaways on the benefits of this approach.

In this episode, about using oral storytelling as a powerful tool for literacy development you will learn:

  • Children are natural storytellers, and their play is a manifestation of their storytelling, aiding in understanding their world.
  • Oral storytelling fosters communication and helps children absorb vocabulary, language patterns, and comprehension skills.
  • Stories provide a bridge from contextualized speech to decontextualized writing, promoting early literacy development.
  • Storytelling encourages creativity, community building, and social-emotional development.
  • Parents and educators play a pivotal role as participants and facilitators in nurturing children’s storytelling skills and boosting their confidence.

More about Laura

Laura is a storyteller, anti-bias anti-racist educator in progress, and play advocate. Former public school Kindergarten and PreK teacher, she has left the classroom to found Little Stories That Stick. Using over 15 years of experience in the ECE field and her M.S. in Teaching Reading, she wants to help more adults find the power of storytelling. Along with being a life long learner, she has a husband, 2 children, and 1 huge puppy. She loves the ocean, traveling, and popcorn.

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