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Easy Ways for Modelling Reading with Your Child [Ep 47]

modelling reading

What does is mean to be modelling reading to your child and how can you early help them? 

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Discover the power of modelling reading and its significance in early education. Modelling reading, often termed as showing children how to read, plays a crucial role in shaping their literacy skills. In this discussion, we delve into what modelling means in the context of learning and teaching, shedding light on effective strategies to engage children in the world of reading.

In this episode about starting to read, you will learn:

  • Modelling Reading: Modeling reading is the practice of demonstrating to children how to read effectively, fostering their literacy development.
  • Fluency and Intonation: Emphasize fluency and intonation when reading aloud to children, showing them how we naturally express ourselves through reading.
  • In-the-Moment Teaching: Utilize teachable moments in everyday life, such as reading signs or recipes, to provide immediate context for reading and comprehension.
  • Read-alouds: Continue reading to your child even after they can read independently, choosing books slightly above their current reading level to expand vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Guided Reading: Incorporate guided reading sessions with a purpose, teaching skills like sounding out, blending, and fluency to enhance their reading abilities.

These will help you with the importance of modelling reading and empower you to nurture a love for reading in children.

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