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Can this children’s author write 24 books in 24 months… [Ep 52]

How could children’s authors create books that are inclusive to all families?

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In this episode I am joined by Becca who is a dedicated children’s author, is on a mission to create inclusive and accessible children’s books that reflect a diverse range of children and families.

With a goal of releasing one book a month for 24 months, her books cater to children aged zero to seven, providing step-by-step guides to essential life skills and social development. Becca’s commitment to inclusivity extends to her use of real-life photos and Montessori-aligned content, ensuring that children can see themselves and their experiences in her books.

In this interview, she shares her journey, the importance of self-publishing, and the impact of books as “windows, mirrors, and sliding doors” in children’s lives.

In this episode about a children’s author creating inclusive books you will learn:

  • How Becca’s is creating inclusive and accessible children’s books that reflect the diversity of children and families.
  • Her progress on her mission on releasing one book a month for 24 months, targeting children aged zero to seven with step-by-step guides to essential life skills and social development.
  • Why she uses real-life photos and Montessori-aligned content to make her books relatable and educational for children.
  • What Self-publishing provides for her with creative freedom and control over the entire publishing process and a peek into this process
  • How books serve as “windows, mirrors, and sliding doors,” helping children see themselves, understand others, and explore new perspectives.

More about Becca

Becca is an inclusive children’s writer with a passion for helping families with lives little adventures. She is based in Plymouth, UK. 

Links mentioned in this episode about learning through play:

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